Adult New Patient - 1.5-2hrs

  • This initial appointments focuses on treating you the person and not just treating symptoms. At Of the Earth Wellness, we take the time to listen and understand all of your health concerns. This will be unlike any other appointment you have been to, because we will laugh, cry and create friendship.  We will address all aspects of your health encompassing your mind, body, and spirit.  Your treatment protocol may include a custom herbal formulation, physical manipulation, homeopathic remedy prescription, review of diet, supplements, recent labs, discussion of recommendations.  You will begin your journey immediately upon stepping foot in our office.   These appointments may last up to 1 1/2 to 2 hours. 

General Health and Wellness visit.

  • If you are looking to maintain your current health we offer a one hour preventive wellness option.   During these consultations your physician will review your lifestyle, diet, supplements, medications, and recent labs to ensure you are promoting vitality in your everyday life. This appointment is not intended to address a specific health concern or disease.  Any follow-up appointments would be scheduled as needed or recommended by your physician.

Adult Follow up - 30mins-1hr

  • The majority of our follow-up consultations are billed at the Standard follow-up rate and typically take 20-30 minutes. Some follow-up appointments may be more complex if there are new issues to address or the patient hasn’t been seen in an extended period, or the doctor is re-evaluating the patient’s case. These may be billed as an Extended or a Comprehensive consultation. A Brief consultation is typically for checking in on a single health issue (blood pressure, weight loss) and are not a regular follow-up consultation. The type of follow-up consultation needed is determined by your physician and may not always be known until during your appointment.

  • Brief $75 (15mins)

  • Standard $95 (30mins)

  • Extended $125 (45mins – 60mins)

  • Comprehensive $175 (90mins)

Acute Illness for non-established patients

  • These are designed to help you recover quickly from an acute illness (ie. cold, flu, insect bite, poison ivy, etc.) For chronic health concerns please refer to the comprehensive new patient appointment. During this appointment your doctor will focus on your acute illness and create a customized plan to quickly remedy your health.
  • Approximate time for this visit is 1 hour.

Pediatric New Patient

  • New Pediatric intake for 17yrs and under $195
  • A new pediatric appointment is meant to manage a variety of health concerns from chronic to acute.  All children are different, which is why naturopathic physicians at Of The Earth Wellness take the time needed to get to know your little one. Our highly trained and skilled physicians will complete a thorough intake, perform necessary physical exams, and order any pertinent tests or imaging.
  • Treatment varies from child to child, but can include homeopathy, dietary recommendations, supplementation, mind-body medicine, biofeedback, neurofeedback, and botanical medicines.  Drs. Dave and/or Lopez will also educate you on your child’s development and any symptoms they may be experiencing.

Pediatric Follow-up - 30mins

  • A pediatric follow up is to touch base with parents, engage with your child, and keep communication open about your child’s health.  This is extremely important because children develop very quickly and what may be a small health concern for an adult may be life threatening to a child.

Physical Medicine

  • Physical Medicine

  • Naturopathic physical medicine including naturopathic manipulative therapies; the use of water, heat, cold, light,electricity, air, earth, electromagnetic and mechanical devices, ultrasound, and therapeutic exercise;

  • Physical Medicine New Patient Intake 1hour $120

  • Physical Medicine follow up 30mins $65

  • *Additional family member discounts and seniors will receive $50 off initial intake per family member and applies to referrals as well and 10% for US Military Veterans.

Additional Information:

Health insurance plans may not cover naturopathic care in North Carolina. We do not file insurance and do not deal directly with insurance companies. We would encourage you to contact your insurance company regarding reimbursement of services. Payment is required for all services at the time of your visit.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
These special savings accounts can often be used to cover our services and specific nutritional supplements.  Please check with your plan administrator regarding your coverage.  We will be happy to provide you with the necessary documentation to assist with your use of these plans.  Payment is expected at time of service and you may be able to file for reimbursement, but check with your plan administrator.