Dr. Dave has started to make his rounds across a number of states including West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.  Most recently Dr. Dave traveled to Princeton, WV to see several patients who do not have access to natural healthcare. It has been a wonderful experience to escape the rigors of the city and go to the mountains.  I’ve spent many years in the mountains and it is where my heart truly lies.  Any excuse to get out and smell that mountain air is revitalizing.  Escaping the confines of the city anywhere is refreshing, along with providing healthcare to those in need and do not have access to a naturopathic physician.  I’ve had many people come to me, but many who cannot make the trek.  I’ve decided I will go to them and plant the seeds of health in various areas of the southeast. Education is a huge part of what I do as a doctor.  In fact the “docere” the latin term for doctor means to teach.  This is something that is often missing in modern day medicine due to the number of patients doctors must see to make ends meet, but also the shortage of quality healthcare practitioners is becoming more and more evident as the age of “Baby Boomer” doctors start retiring. We young physicians must carry on and evolve the current medical system paradigm in which we live. Slowly but surely things will change to a more preventive, educational, and empowering health care system. I told one of my most recent patients, who is also a veteran who is disgruntled with the run around he’s received in the current VA medical care system, that eventually I don’t want to see you as a sick patient but as a well one…that I would rather bump into him in a casual setting than at my office.  Well that seemed to just make his day!  So often is illness perpetuated for financial gain in the current healthcare system. If you’re sick of bandaids and want to get to the root cause of your health concerns…give naturopathic medicine a try… If you’d like me (Dr. Dave) to come to your town to do a healthcare talk at a local venue email or call him at Health@DrDaveHamilton.com or 980-272-1897.  If it goes well he may put your area on a regular monthly rotation. Current areas are Princeton, WV; Boone and Charlotte, NC. If you are in town and unable to travel Dr. Dave also offers house calls.  Fee for travel is $0.50 per mile….